Rehabilitation done right

At PEAK Physical Therapy you will receive the most current and effective physical therapy treatment possible with our unique hands on approach.  Unlike many traditional physical therapy clinics, at PEAK you will receive a full hour of treatment with one of our talented doctors of physical therapy.  During your initial evaluation, your therapist will assess your movement, strength, flexibility and joint mobility.  You are a key player in your rehabilitation, and for you to attain your goals, we must utilize a team approach.  This is why, together, you and your physical therapist will devise and implement a treatment plan that is unique to you.  With each subsequent treatment session, your therapist reassesses your movement and modifies your treatment based on your feedback.  

This individualized approach is only one aspect of what sets PEAK apart from other physical therapy clinics.  Our physical therapists specialize in functional manual therapy, which is the integration of hands on treatment of the joints and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, nerves, etc) with neuromuscular re-education in order to optimize motor control and function. We are proud to utilize Redcord in assisting our therapists with neuromuscular re-education which allows us to help improve our patient’s function even faster. In essence, our therapists locate the source of pain, identify the movement dysfunction and/or cause of pain, and re-educate you and your muscles how to move more efficiently and effectively.  

At PEAK Physical Therapy we want to give you the tools to get back to the pain free lifestyle you once had.  In order to do this, we take time to teach you about your anatomy, your movement and/or postural compensations and what proper movement looks and feels like.  This allows you to improve your body awareness and your ability to identify pain triggers, as well, as pain avoidance.  Once you gain this level of self awareness you will quickly return to your life, including many of your recreational activities without pain.